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N-Phase is under the direction of Dr. Don Craven.  Dr. Craven has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and 20 years experience in gas and liquid chromatography techniques.

At N-Phase we understand the requirements for equipment and supplies used in trace analytical methods. We also understand the necessity to minimize laboratory expenditures as much as possible.
Laboratory glassware is generally cleaned and reused so why should inlet liners be any different.

When cleaned properly they are as good and possibly better than new liners.  It is known that most impurities in finished glass products are at the surface.  Therefore repeated cleaning can progressively 
remove these impurities.  In addition, our recycled liners are freshly deactivated when you receive them.
 New liners may have been stocked for weeks or months before use.

Research in reacting glass (silica) surfaces is currently an active pursuit due to nanotechnology and micro-circuitry.  At N-Phase we regularly review the literature looking for ways to improve our deactivation process.  Our customers have more than one type of deactivation to choose from, depending on the application.

If you have any ideas for recycling other laboratory items we would appreciate hearing about them.

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Our lab recognized the value in recycling inlet liners and we were doing it ourselves.  But, it was an added burden on our technical staff ...

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