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First, any glass wool present is removed from the liners. Then the liners are heated to over 570 oC for 4 hours to remove all organic contaminants.

Next the liners are acid washed and rinsed. Following the acid treatment the liners are washed with organic solvents and dried.

The dried liners are then silane treated to deactivate the surface. Our customers can select either a neutral or base deactivation treatment.

We recycle any style and type of liner including Siltek coated.

Deactivated quartz wool packing is available and the position and quantity of wool can be specified by customer. We use an ultrafine quartz wool for packing.

**Note: Liners are processed separately according to customer; i.e., your liners are never mixed with those of other customers.

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Our lab recognized the value in recycling inlet liners and we were doing it ourselves.  But, it was an added burden on our technical staff ...

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