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We offer many styles of new  liners.

We deactivate our liners just prior to shipping; whereas, other commercially available liners may have been deactivated weeks or months before the end-user receives them.  New liners from N-Phase are made from the highest quality borosilicate glass.  The quality is as good as any on the market and the price is more competitive.

We also have a small inventory of used liners that are thoroughly cleaned and deactivated.  We sell these for less than half the cost of new.  They are guaranteed free of any contamination and will perform perfectly for virtually all applications.  These liners are in limited supply and the styles vary from time to time.

Our goal is to save laboratories money on expendables that can be refurbished and used again.  A perfect example of this is the gold inlet seal used in Agilent gas chromatographs.  Just like inlet liners these seals get contaminated and lose their function.  They cost new about $25 but N-Phase recycles and sells them for $6.  We strip off the gold plating and re-plate with new gold; hence, they are exactly like a new seal at one-fourth the cost.

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We routinely discarded our contaminated inlet liners but when we found they could be recycled at a fraction of the cost it just made sense to do ...

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