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The GC Inlet Liner Recycling Process

Glass inlet liners used in gas chromatographs become contaminated after a period of use.   The time period depends on the number of sample injections and the amount of contamination in each sample.  Longevity can range from less than a day to several days.

Inlet liners have been marketed as a disposable item even though the unit cost is high. Our service has demonstrated that used liners can be recycled repeatedly and still provide new-liner performance.

N-Phase provides a service recycling your used liners.  Using our special process we will clean and resilanize your used liners and have them back to you in about a week.  We have been servicing customers for over five years with proven success for all applications.
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Over the years we have had inconsistencies in the performance of new liners.  And, these were purchased from a major manufacturer of gas ...

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